Flowers, Fruits and The Insect Ritz

The garden is really shaping up. Harvests are trickling in and early spring crops are going to seed. We still have to get through the June Gloom , but summer weather, and larger harvests, are right around the corner.
Here is the garden this week 

The Magnolia Blossom Tendril Peas are flowering. This is my first time growing them and I am loving the gorgeous blooms

The French Breakfast radishes are going to seed. I don't mind as I love to snack on the seed pods almost as much as the roots, plus, I am attempting to develop a pink flowering cultivar of this variety

The Arugula has also gone to seed. I already miss the spicy leaves, but, I'll let it self sow and hopefully have lots to harvest in late summer and early fall

red onion, leftover from last year is flowering. The tiny blossoms will be wonderful in salads, though I'll leave plenty on to set seed

Fresh figs are one of my favorite treats so I was thrilled to find a Desert King fig tree at a local nursery for a reasonable price. I planted it in a half whisky barrel next to the alpine strawberry bed

Speaking of the Alpine Strawberries, I picked enough of these yellow beauties to make a few small jars of jam. It's not the prettiest jam I've ever made, but WOW is it delicious!

The chickens and ducks enjoyed a feast of bolted lettuces

And I picked the remaining heads of lettuce to make room for the winter squash

There have been several chimera plants coming up in the garden and around my property this year. Some, like the nasturtium, were expected but I was surprised to see the botanical phenomenon appear on a bean plant and a blackberry vine as well

About a third of the leeks were going to seed so I picked the scapes and whipped up a batch of leek scape pesto. We'll likely toss it with hot pasta and a sprinkle of parmesan, though it is wonderful on homemade pizza too

I found a beneficial insect hotel at my local feed store. It is supposed to attract leafcutter and mason bees as well as ladybugs and lacewings

Weekly harvest 

6 ounces strawberries 
6 ounces leek scapes 
1 pound orach and spinach
5 pounds lettuce 

Yearly total

8 pounds


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