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Garden Reflections - Berries and Tree Fruit

Over the next several weeks I'll be writing a series of posts entitled Garden Reflections where I will break down the successes and failures in the garden this year. Each week I will focus on a specific group of produce that I grew and harvested and how I plan to be successful next season


I harvested only a little over two pounds of berries this year due to drought and my own laziness in not keeping the weeds down and providing supplemental water. I had no raspberries as they are planted in a poor location. I'll be moving them to a place where they will get better light. My blueberries also underperformed this year.


This year I grew three varieties of strawberries. Pineberry, Rainbow Treasure and Yellow Alpine.

Pineberries are the opposite color of standard strawberries. They have white flesh and red seeds. They are said to have a pineapple flavor though I didn't think so. I found them to be more acidic than red strawberries which added an interesting …

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