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Basil, Lima Beans, Strawberries and More Applesauce

Gardening season is winding down. Though there are still plenty of garden goodies coming in, I am gradually cleaning up the beds and starting to reflect on the failures and successes over the last year.  Here is the garden this week 

I did a second big picking on my basil plants this week. It will likely be the last major harvest this year and I dehydrated it to season meals over the winter

The Lima beans were not drying very well with the cooler damp weather, so I pulled the plants and hung them in the greenhouse to finish up

The Yellow Alpine Strawberries are putting out their second set of fruit. They make a nice little treat while I clean up the raised beds

One of our customers gave me a box of jonagold apples so I made up another batch of sauce. Seven more quarts of pretty pink sauce are in the pantry ready to accompany  meals and/or be warmed with a splash of cream for dessert

Weekly Harvest: 
11 ounces basil  1 pound 5 ounces soup beans  1 pound 15 ounces green beans  11 ounce…

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