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Garden Reflections - Flowers

While I grow a lot of plants that flower, I don't grow a large variety if plants specifically for their flowers. When it comes to flowers I typically follow the "Rule of Three". That is, the plant must have at least three atributes that benefit my garden and/or family. The conditions that must be met include attractiveness, pleasant scent, culinary usability and desirability to beneficial insects
I may add one or two more varieties of flowering plants next year, but I'm pretty happy with what I already have 

Lilacs meet all four of my requirements. My plants attract crab spiders, lacewings and praying mantises and the gorgeous flower bracts scent the whole garden

 I also make several hundred candied blossoms each year to decorate cakes 

I have two daphne odora shrubs that flank my front entry. They bloom in late winter, providing a much needed emotional boost with their heady aroma and sparkling blossoms, as well as an early source of nectar for benefic…

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