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Successes From The Garden - Berries

Other than tomatoes, berries are probably my favorite fruit. I look forward all year to those few fleeting weeks in summer, when local berries are at their peak of perfection. I have been gradually introducing various varieties to the garden and have seen mostly successful results

This year I added strawberries to my garden. I already had established  blueberries and raspberries and there are wild blackberries all over my property

In late December 2016 I started some tiny Rainbow Treasure and Yellow Alpine strawberry seeds indoors. This was my first time growing strawberries from seed

Within a month they had developed their first true leaves

In mid February I transplanted the seedlings into a flat of potting mix

Over the next two months they steadily put out new growth

By mid April they were ready to be planted into the garden

By June, the plants were well established and the rainbow treasures were sending out runners

Soon, there were bright pink blooms on the rainbow treasures. Arou…

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