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Bug Buddies, Flowers and Garlic Scapes

Beneficial insects are everywhere now as the garden is providing multiple sources of food, habitat and territories to be claimed. Here is the garden this week

Common orb-weaver spiderlings huddle together on a tomato leaf 

A sweat bee rests on a bean plant 

Ladybug larva hunting for aphids on an orach leaf 

I picked the first of the snap peas. I barely got them into the house before they were gobbled up 

My hardy kiwi is blooming

The tomatillos are putting out lots of blossoms 

I noticed that the quinoa is starting to flower

A nasturtium blossom peeking out from under a kale leaf

My George Burns (top) and Grand Dame (bottom) roses are blooming 

Raspberry Lyanna  and Beauty King tomato blossoms. Even as a flower Beauty King is flamboyant 

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