Planting Continues

We have been having lovely growing weather around here with 4-5 days of heat and sunshine followed by 2-3 cooler, rainy days. I finished all of my spring planting this week. Now I can sit back and relax for a couple of weeks (only light weeding here and there) while I let seed and plant do their thing.
Here is the garden this week

I planted 40+ heirloom cucumbers in five varieties. Aonaga JibaiBareseDouble YieldLemon and Mexican Sour Gherkin. I also planted Dukat dill

In these three beds I planted 400+ heirloom beans in nine varieties. FortexGood Mother StallardGreasy GritsHutterite SoupHenderson's Bush LimaKabuli ChickpeaMidori Giant SoyRattlesnake and Rio Zape

The cabbages are thriving, despite the occasional chicken pecking, and are starting to head. Here are Cour Di Bue and Red Express

The one plant not liking the heat is my Arugula. I can probably get a couple more pickings off of it though before it becomes too bitter 

I noticed several little rosettes of volunteer Strawberry Spinach growing around the garden. I love this hardy little heirloom for its tasty leaves and sweet, earthy "berries"

The chicks, at 3 weeks old, are entering their ugly phase. They are super playful and funny to watch as the play fight and chase insects around the greenhouse

The ducklings are a week old and still cute. They are learning to swim in the bathtub and will nibble on fingers, lips and earlobes if they get a chance

I'm getting enough mixed lettuces, spinach, orach and radishes for salads several times a week now

As well as being able to enjoy my favorite butter, arugula and radish sandwiches


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