Planting Begins in Earnest

Flowering plants are bursting out and everywhere I go around the place I'm enveloped by heady scents of daphne and petunia, narcissus and flowering plum.
The weather has improved so much that I was able to get tons of starts and seeds planted.
Here is the garden this week

Golden Pascal Celery

I planted five varieties of summer squash seeds. CasertaCocozelleCostata RomanescoGolden Zucchini and Striata D'Italia

I planted 32 heirloom tomato plants in 26 varieties along with about 30 basil starts

I also rented a 10X10 plot in my local community garden. Another 34 tomatoes went in there along with a mixture of carrot seeds. All the produce that comes from this plot will be donated to Food Lifeline

I planted five heirloom varieties of melon. Collective Farm WomanHa'ogenModelOka and Prescott Fond Blanc

I planted six varieties of winter squash. AmbarBuen Gusto De HornoGaleux D Eysines, Honey Boat DelicataJumbo Pink Banana and Tahitian Melon

Now that the seedlings in the pots are bigger I can tell them apart. Top is Rainbow Quinoa and bottom is Golden Giant Amaranth

I'm loving the colors of this Orach mixture

I picked the first of the lettuce this week

The chicks were moved out to the greenhouse since they were getting too big for the brooder they were in

I also needed the brooder for a batch of Swedish Blue Ducklings 


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