Garden Promises

The garden is starting to wake up, so, after a four+ month hiatus, I've decided to start writing my blog again. 
For the past month we have had seemingly endless rain. As of this post, we have had the third wettest April on record. This past week, however, was blessedly dry with temperatures in the upper 70's and low 80's. I was able to get several garden chores done, and some good pictures taken. Here is the garden this week.

My one year old rhubarb plant is growing beautifully. I might even be able to sneak enough stalks to stew into a compote. Over the next several years, I have the goal of getting a third of the garden planted in perennial plants like this

My French Breakfast radishes are also growing well. I noted that some of last years radishes had pink flowers so I saved seeds from those. I'm hoping to develop a strain that only has pink flowers

A sunflower coming up near a spinach plant

A colorful mixture of orach

Cherry branch full of blossoms

My French lilac is loaded with flower bracts this year

Nearly all of my peppers succumbed to pests this year so I had to buy plants from my local nursery. The benefit of that is no hardening off needed so I went ahead and planted

I planted my tomatillos also

A volunteer borage plant

Tomatoes, golden celery and basil hardening off. They will be ready to plant next week


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