Successes From The Garden - Shallots

Shallots were one of my biggest successes in the garden this year, yet, they were planted as an afterthought.

In late April, I was rummaging through my vegetable storage area, cleaning out the boxes and bins. I found a paper bag with a few handfuls of small shallots from last years crop. I hadn't planned on growing shallots this year, but I had a small 2x3 section in the onion bed that wasn't designated for something else so I planted 17 of them

I mostly forgot about them, occasionally snapping a photo and pulling a weed here and there

They grew and divided well

By mid July, the tops had begun to die back. Time to pick

My 17 shallots had turned into 82, weighing over 8 pounds. Half of them were good, large bulbs. The rest, though smaller, were equal in quality and flavor 

After 3 weeks of curing, I strung the shallots to hang up in my pantry area. I'm saving the biggest ones to plant in the spring


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